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High Court Lawyer is one of top Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer in MumbaiMutual Divorce is a Legal separation between spouse with they mutually agree. For this both husband and wife approach the family court with Mutual consent divorce petition. So it’s a simple and legal process of dissolving the marriage.

The Mutual Divorce laws in India Varies from religion to religion. In respect of every religion and faith of every religion, Parliament has different laws among spouse of every religion. We High Court Lawyer offer you hassle free Mutual Divorce Service in Mumbai, India at very competitive cost. As per Current Law in our Country, the minimum time required for Mutual Consent Divorce is six months. Few Mutual Divorce cases can be very challenging including:

1 Child Custody

2 Maintenance

3 Initiating Mutual Divorce Proceedings

4 Terms and Conditions of Mutual Consent Divorce

5 practices and procedures of court

We live in a society where divorce or legal separation is not considered good. Our near and dear ones keep on giving emphasis on carrying on the Marriage relationship. People hesitate to take these steps and try avoiding this legal process. But the ground realty is that once we realize that the relationship can’t be improved and or child should not grow in such environment, we should mover ahead. Both husband and wife have life ahead and should also focus on other aspect of live after settling this legally.

Religion ACT
Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists
Hindu Marriage Act 1955
Muslim marriage is a contract under Muslim law
Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872 and the Divorce Act 1869
Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936

Mutual Divorce Procedure

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Both husband and wife has to appear before the court where their documents and verified and statements are recorded.

After recording their statement the court orders first motion of order. The Spouse gets a cooling period of 6 months to rethink on the decision of divorce which can be waived off according to the decision of the supreme court. Filling of second motion of order can be done within 18 months from date of first motion of order.

After having both the motions of orders, court passes final decree for Mutual Divorce after which both the parties are legally separated.


Petition For Mutual Divorce

Petition of Mutual Divorce includes submission of Mutual Divorce application (Petition) before family court. In order to avoid further disputes, petition should clearly mention or include following terms and conditions:

1 Alimony or Maintenance: This is generally a compensation amount which husband or wife may get if proved to be victim. So depending upon financial condition of husband or wife, it can given to him or her on mutual agreement and decision by the Family Court.

2 Jewelry or articles to be exchanges among husband and wife: Total number of jewelry or article in the house is too mutually agreed and has to be distributed among the spouse. So it has be included the Petition clearly for avoiding any further dispute.

3 Child custody: Child Custody is the legal right granted by family court to keep the child with any of spouse. Child custody is generally given to mother till the age of 12 years of child.

4 Monthly Maintenance of Child: Monthly expenses includes various aspects like lifestyle, study related expenses, medicines etc. This too has to be mutually agreed and included in the divorce petition.

5 Right to visit the Child: When child or children get custody for any the spouse, then other can get right to visit the children during holidays, festival or any specific location.

6 Study expenses of Child: Depending upon the profession and monthly income of husband and wife, it has to be mutually agreed that who  will be bearing the study expenses for children or if it has be mutually contributed both.

7 Property claim among both husband and wife: While filling the petition it has to be clearly agreed and mentioned that who will be having current or future properties. This has to be mutuallay agreed and included in the petiotion.


Documents Required for Mutual Divorce

Following Documents are required for Mutual Divorce:

1 Marriage Certificate

2 Aadhaar |Card of both husband and wife

3 Passport size photograph of both husband and wife

Cost of Mutal Divorce in Mumbai, India

The cost of Mutual Divorce in Mumbai ranges from 30000-35000 depending upon complexity of case and Lawyer hired for the same.

Yes, one can withdraw the Mutual Divorce. There is a cooling period of 6 months from date of application or submission of Mutual Divorce Petition. one can rethink and inform the family court if there is any changes in decision.

The cost  of Mutual Divorce in Mumbai ranges from 30000-35000 depending upon complexity of case and Lawyer hired for the same.

This generally takes 6 months, however in some it may take longer period of time.

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