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Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Conjugal Rights Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act establishes restitution as a duty. If the husband or wife is dismissed from the other partner's business without a good reason, the aggrieved party may file an application with the district court for the restoration of conjugal rights. Regaining the company of a spouse who has left the partnership for no apparent cause is the essence of the recovery of conjugal rights.


The aggrieved party may petition the district court for the restoration of conjugal rights when either the husband or wife withdraws from the other's social life without good reason. The court must determine whether the petition is true and whether there is no legal reason why the request for the restoration of conjugal rights should not be granted.

When a husband or wife is unjustifiably excluded from the other's company, the district court's jurisdiction is invoked.

Under Section 19 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the Principal Judge of the Family Court will be consulted for Restitution of Conjugal Rights.

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