Best Child Custody Lawyer in Mumbai

Best Child Custody Lawyer in Mumbai

Family Courts in India decides the custody of the child & fix Maintenace. Advocate Rohan Venkatesh Yemul is one of Best Child Custody Lawyer in Mumbai. He seeks to safeguard children from any cruel and negligent environment which hampers child’s inherit growth and productivity. Advocate Rohan Venkatesh Yemul is a specialst as a child custody Advocate with years of expertise.

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Child custody

A Child may not have contractual obligations but when it comes to guardian ship and betterment of child, we do most. Our expert child custody lawyers at High Court Lawyers use their brilliant  negotiation & counselling skills in monitoring the post custody and visitation rights of the other spouse. Moreover our best child advocate work for the sufficient maintenance of the child’s present and future necessities.

Who will Get the Custody of Child?

The first question that comes in mind while divorce is custody of child. The court looks into various factors while deciding the best care taker of child for child wellbeing and bright future. one of spouse gets right as a primary care taker of child on the other hand non custodial parent is also granted some rights like right to visit the child which can be daily, weekly or monthly basis or on festivals.

Factors Considered by Court for Child Custody

  1. The best parent to meet the educational and medical needs of Child.
  2. The best parent to meet the emotional needs.
  3. The best parent with whom the child is greatly attached.
  4. Monthly income of parents.
  5. Most suitable parent who can provide safe and secure environment to the child.

Benefits of Choosing High Court Lawyer as Best Child Custody Lawyer in Mumbai?

High Court Lawyer is headed by Advocate Rohan Venkatesh Yemul, one of best child custody Advocates in Mumbai, India. He himself looks into the matter efficiently and presents the case in the court.  He deals into the matter of alimony, financial matters and other family matters. The Child Custody attorney has helped many spouse where both primary and non custodial parents have ben benefitted. The child advocate is a specialist with most competitive fees for the cases that he handles.

Child Below 5 yeas of age automatically gets the custody of Mather by Law.

yes, if neither of parents are interested then a guardian is given custody of the child by the court.

For the safety of the child spouse should pay separately while alimony is given to spouse while separation.

No, the doesn’t get deprive of ancestral property but may be deprived of self acquired property of the non- custodial parent.

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