Divorce or No Divorce- What after separation

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The term “divorce” had not been defined by any statutes, but it may be characterized as the judicial severance of relationships created during marriages. Therefore, a divorce divides a married pair voluntarily and with their own permission. Consequently, divorce can be seen to end a marriage that involves more than simply two people; it also involves two families. Divorce is not a sin. It is in fact a significant aspect of life and society that needs to be discussed more freely.

Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai has various advantages, some of which are very obvious. One of the biggest advantages is that it enables people to end unpleasant marriages and start over a new life, and form satisfying new relationships. A surprising finding from a recent academic study, however, is that domestic violence rates have decreased as the divorce rate has increased, also earlier various people suffered from depression due to this but today considering the success rate of divorce case there has been seen a huge drop in the depression ratios as well.


Many individuals see divorce as taboo. This is because you made a commitment to stay together through good times and bad, and sometimes couples worry about how others would view them. Even if a divorce is advantageous for both parties and the couple is agreeing to leave their marriage amicably, fear of our society prevents many from filing for one. But here’s the thing: anyone can get divorced! Yes, living apart from someone you loved, had a family with, and shared a home with is sad and stressful. It gets worse when there are properties, children, and businesses involved because there is confusion over who should get what and who should have custody of the kids. There is no need to hang on if your marriage is failing because you have the option of getting a divorce. The thing is Divorce in India / Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai is everyone’s business. Staying in a terrible marriage is the issue; divorce is not.

Numerous instances of people becoming happier after divorce have been observed. It is exactly what they needed to remain strong to ultimately not have to bear the load of the family or the relationship. Even though a lot of people dislike the label “divorce,” it’s less taboo and people are gradually starting to accept it.


  • Because of all the duties that come with marriage, you may not have enough time for yourself. You must worry about what to make for supper, how to get your kids to school, and whether they completed their homework. Following a divorce, you’ll discover that you have more time on your hands, allowing you to host your friends for drinks or even go trekking on the weekends.
  • You could discover that it’s challenging to find time to exercise or even prepare nutritious meals because of all the household duties you have to complete. Even when you entirely forget about yourself and focus only on your family, your marriage is not pleasant. Your workload will decrease as a result of the divorce, allowing you to spend more time on yourself. Basically, you get to love yourself.
  • Divorce can be seen as a better option. People today believe that divorce is bad luck and that no one should choose it. But all of this is ridiculous. Divorce should be pursued if it benefits the person and develops their personality. There is no need to continue a failing marriage. There is always someone better for you out there, so it is acceptable to file for divorce if you are unhappy in your marriage. You can even end yourself running into the one who completes and makes you happy. One can seek a Divorce lawyer anytime if they are willing to get divorced. There is no hard and fast rule but do remember there is always a person for you
  • You might have persisted with someone because you think they are the one for you. You still have hope that the individual will change despite all your problems with them. Following a divorce, you can understand what you want from a marriage and how you should be handled.
  • If your marriage was abusive, you might discover that you weren’t happy while you were married. You shouldn’t be afraid to obtain a divorce if it’s the only option to escape an unhappy marriage and the key to your happiness. If we see this the other way around, it can be a good asset and at any given point you get your happiness back.
  • You can realize your dreams. You may come to understand that your goals conflict with those of your partner. Divorce gives you the time and freedom to pursue your interests, so you can work toward realizing your aspirations.
  • “A divorced daughter is better than a dead daughter,” was a truly great statement made by someone. Many people may get chills reading this line. This startling statement makes it abundantly evident that getting a divorce is considerably more significant than taking one’s own life. Divorce is the best course of action if you are unable to save your marriage. Parents could also encourage their daughters in beginning a new life by understanding their predicament.


Another prevalent myth is that it is preferable to remain with your spouse if you have children. There is no need to continue living in an unhappy marriage. if a person is worried for their children. This is also covered under the law. When children witness their parents’ ongoing conflict and struggle, staying married might occasionally be more detrimental to them than beneficial. Instead of abusing your children mentally, it is better to be divorced and then get mutual custody.

Children in this situation are typically sent away from home rather than being at home all day to avoid being used as a weapon by one parent against the other during arguments or conflicts.

In order to amicably end a marriage and obtain joint custody of your children, one may file for divorce at the same time as another. One can seek assistance from one of the many accomplished custody attorneys to complete the work quickly.

The following are the main causes behind women’s fear of getting a divorce:

  • reliance on their husband for support
  • Social rejection
  • The pressure of parents and relatives on children’s future
  • apprehension about remarriage
  • Blackmailing their spouses emotionally

But if the situation is managed appropriately, all these circumstances are transient, and nothing lasts for very long. Every woman ought to be aware of the adage “where there is a will, there is a way.”


Everyone has the right to divorce, and it’s common. Even though it goes against society, one shouldn’t be afraid to leave an unhappy marriage because, in the end, only one’s own happiness and self-respect matter. Divorce is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it can be helpful for some people who are gradually losing their self-respect as well as those who are victims of domestic violence. However, it is suggested that you get legal counsel while thinking about getting a divorce. A qualified attorney can provide you with the greatest guide that will facilitate your divorce and aid in reaching a just settlement.

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