Insurance lawyer in Mumbai – Advocate Rohan Venkatesh Yemul. When a disagreement over coverage cannot be settled via negotiation, insurance attorneys evaluate the facts of insurance claims and insurance contracts to advise the insurers or the insured as to whether there is coverage. Auto, homeowners, renters, general, employers, and directors and officers are just a few of the specialties practiced by insurance attorneys.

Insurance lawyer in Mumbai
Insurance lawyer in Mumbai

Even while many large firms will have a few practitioners or it will come under the litigation department, insurance litigation can be performed in specialized boutiques. Although salary in these professions tends to be relatively low, it might be an excellent field for a litigator who wants to go in-house because insurance firms employ many lawyers to handle these disputes. Large corporations will also hire insurance attorneys to counsel them on the types of insurance they have to obtain to reduce risk. Only a small portion of insurance lawyers focus their business on dealing with insurance-related transactions. These lawyers provide guidance on the establishment of new insurance products as well as the development, acquisition, and disposition of insurance businesses and agencies.

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